How to raise more with Smart Donations by sharing stories about your nonprofit’s impact

When developing Smart Donations, we included features that our nonprofit members yearned for, but we also wanted to offer added customization. A big part of that customization is Impact Stories.

Impact Stories are a feature on your Smart Donations page that provides an opportunity for you  to tell your donors how their donation will impact your nonprofit’s work. For nonprofits without a large brand presence, this added detail and transparency can give donors confidence in your work.

After all, in a recent poll of nonprofit donors, three quarters of respondents said that they look for information about a charity’s past success and impact before deciding to give.

Here are three tips to make your Impact Stories impactful on your fundraising:

“Tell me about yourself”

Donors want to know about your organization, your mission, and your good work, so tell them about it! Use the “Any Amount” field to tell them how any amount will make a positive impact for your organization.

Be Honest

We’ve all heard or read news about nonprofit organizations misusing donated funds. Don’t be one of them. If you know that the donation will go to a specific program, tell donors about the program. Tell your donors specifically what you’re working on, and come up with tangibles for that work. You can be as precise, like, “$5 - This amount will feed a family”, or broad, “$10 - This amount will go towards our program that supports women in abusive relationships.” If you’re not confident that funds will be directed towards something so specific, write a broader impact story. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable coming up with Impact Stories, you can leave them blank, but donors will only see options to donate $25, $50, $100, and $250.

Keep It Short & Sweet

There’s no doubt that the internet has lessened attention spans for almost everyone. So make sure your pitch is concise. Cut out words that don’t add anything to your message, but make sure to keep the emotional punch.

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