How to setup fundraising Campaign Pages

Setting up Smart Donations Campaign Pages takes a few easy steps for Give Lively Nonprofit Members. Campaigns are separate pages from your organization's Smart Donations page. Campaigns allow nonprofits to run multiple campaigns at once based on different fundraising initiatives and events. Here's how to get started.

1. Select the "Campaign Pages" tab in the menu on the top of the page, then click "Create Campaign Page" below. 

2. Name your campaign.

  • This name will be used for internal purposes on your team only; donors will not see this name. Create a name that your team can easily recognize.

3. Give your campaign a public name and description.

  • This will be the name donors see when they visit your campaign page.
  • Use the description to pitch your fundraising campaign to donors.
  • If you leave the description blank, your campaign page will be populated with your mission statement from your profile. 

4. Set a goal for your campaign

  • Beneath name and description, nonprofits have the option to set goals for their Campaign Pages. Simply enter your goal amount in the provided field.
  • Donors will see a bar tracking progress towards the goal when they visit your donation page. 
  • If you've raised money from other sources for your campaign (paper check, cash, etc.), enter that amount in the "Amount raised from other sources" field. 
  • You can view more detailed numbers about your progress on your campaign page in the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
  • Hit "Save" when you're done.

5. Upload a high-quality version of your logo

  • Click on “Logos and Images” tab.
  • Under logo, click "Choose File" and find the image file you'd like to upload as your logo. This can be your organization's logo or a logo specific to your campaign.
  • Your logo image should be:
    • Minimum of 640x640 pixels
    • No larger than 1MB
    • In JPG format 
  • Hit "Save" when you're done.

6. Choose your brand color

  • Enter the hex color that best represents your campaign or select one from a color wheel. This color will serve as the background of your campaign page.
  • Hit "Save" when you're done.

7. Upload a high-quality image that represents your campaign.

This image will accompany your donation link when you share the URL via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

  • Your image must be:
    • Minimum of 1200x630 pixels
    • No larger than 1MB
    • In JPG format
  • We recommend that you use an image without any words or letters for optimal promotion across social media.
  • Hit "Save" when you're done.

8. Select your donation amounts and impact stories.

  • Click on “Donation Amounts and Impact Stories” tab in the menu.
  • Fill in desired amount options based on your organization's donation history.
    • In order for your selected donation amount options to appear, you must fill in all impact stories. Without customization, the default donation amount options are $25, $50, $100, and $250.
  • Write a short sentence (maximum 75 characters) next to each amount describing the impact a donation of that size would make on your organization. These stories should reflect the specific campaign you are fundraising for.
    • For example, if your organization works to serve the hungry, a $25 donation amount to your organization "Feeds four children for a week." For an organization that protects wildlife, the story might be that a $75 donation "Preserves 15 acres of forest land."
  • Hit "Save" when you're done each impact story.

9. Write a "Thank You" message to donors

When a donor gives to your campaign, they will immediately receive a receipt summarizing their donation for tax purposes. You have the option of including a customized 'Thank You’ message as a part of that receipt. Use your 'Thank You' message to show gratitude, reinforce your campaign goals, or touch on the impact the donation will make. Write a Thank You note or copy and paste your existing note to donors into the field on the “Thank You Message” page.

  • Click on the “Thank You Message” tab.
  • Fill in the provided field with your written "Thank You".
  • Hit "Save" when you're done.

10. Click the "Campaign Home" button at the bottom of the lefthand.

  • Here you can edit your Campaign Page, view campaign results, link a text code to your campaign, and retrieve a link to your Campaign Page.
  • Additionally, your campaign pages will appear on the Nonprofit Admin Portal homepage under "Recent Campaign Pages". 

11. (Optional) Link a text code to your campaign to start fundraising via Text-to-Donate.

  • If you've already created your text code, you can click "Link a Text-to-Donate Code" and select your text code. 
  • If you haven't created a text code already, click "Text Codes" in the menu on top of the Nonprofit Admin Portal homepage. Create a code.
    • Text codes can be letters, numbers, or any combination of the two.  
    • They must be 5 characters or more, and, unlike passwords, they are not case sensitive.
    • Good examples are "HELPKIDS", "5K2017", and "PAJAMAWALK".
    • You can create as many codes as you want for as many campaigns as you want.
    • Codes are unique across Give Lively's platform. We will let you know if your code has already been taken by another organization using Smart Donations.
  • Return to the campaign you've been working on, click "Link a Text-to-Donate Code" on the bottom of the lefthand menu, and select your text code.


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