Embedding your fundraising page as a widget on other websites

Our platform can be embedded directly onto your nonprofit’s site or blog, or any other site on the web. Here's how to do it:

  • Simply copy the HTML code found in the "Widget" tab in the menu on top of the dashboard and paste it into your website's code wherever you would like the widget to appear on the page.
    • We recommend that nonprofits embed the fundraising widget in its default size. However, if you need the widget to fit in a specific location on your site, you can change the dimensions by adjusting the numbers next to height and width inside the HTML code. Change the dimensions after you paste the HMTL code onto your page.
    • Your widget will be live on your page once you’ve completed the previous steps.
  • A preview of your widget will appear on the “Widget” tab page in the Nonprofit Admin Portal.

You can also embed your Campaign Pages as a widget a by simply changing the URL link that appears in the widget's HTML code. In the example below, you would swap out the red bolded hyperlink with the link to your desired Campaign Page.

<!-- Begin Give Lively Fundraising Widget -->
<script>gl=document.createElement('script');gl.src='https://smart-donations-staging.herokuapp.com/widgets/sd_widget.js';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(gl);</script><div data-widget-height='934' data-widget-src='https://secure.givelively.org/donate/helen-keller-international-inc?ref=sd_widget' data-widget-width='375' id='give-lively-widget'></div>
<!-- End Give Lively Fundraising Widget -->
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