What is the cost of Smart Donations?

Smart Donations is free for Give Lively nonprofit members. Membership is completely free and non-contractual.

Much like a foundation, Give Lively was created for the sole purpose of giving away what we build. Our philanthropist founders cover the cost of running our business because they believe that every nonprofit should have access to the best fundraising tech, no matter their means. This frees us to serve nonprofits without having to consider profit.

Stripe processes all donations made through Give Lively products at a discounted fee. The company offers a fee structure to nonprofits of 2.2%+ .30%(non-Amex), 3.5%(Amex), and .8% with a fee limit of $5 (bank account debits) for donations. Stripe takes a fee when the donation is processed. In order to receive the Stripe discount, nonprofits must send an email to sales+nonprofit@stripe.com with your EIN and an electronic copy of an IRS-issued letter indicating 501(c)(3) status.

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