Why should my organization sign up to become a member with Give Lively?

Whether you’re a superstar team of one or a large well-funded nonprofit, we’re confident that our free platform will help your organization raise money more efficiently and effectively. We’ll also be your nonprofit’s cheerleader online, and help you further your fundraising efforts.

Membership is completely free and non-contractual. Much like a foundation, Give Lively was created for the sole purpose of giving away what we build. Our philanthropist founders cover the cost of running our business because they believe that every nonprofit should have access to the best fundraising tech, no matter their means. This frees us to serve nonprofits without having to consider profit. Learn more here.

Members get payouts from donations to their bank account within 2 days, early access to new products, donor contact information, and more. In addition, members get free access to Smart Donations, our premier, customizable direct donation product. Without a membership, your organization can still use some of our products to raise money. Non-members are mailed paper checks within 30 days after the close of the month in which the donations were made, per our Terms Of Use.

Learn how to become a member here.

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