I’m already a Give Lively community member. How do I get started with Smart Donations?

Smart Donations is a white label product customized for your nonprofit. Before launching a custom Smart Donations page, we need several assets from you to help make your page look great. To get started, send the following to our Membership Director Jamie Feldman at Jamie@GiveLively.org:

        • Your organization’s logo (square, ideally 1024x1024 pixels)
        • A high-res image for social sharing without text that represents your nonprofit’s work (ideally 1600x500)
        • Your preferred brand color (in hex format, e.g. #51c0d8)
        • 3 donation amount options you’d like to offer donors (see screenshot)
        • A short, a written impact story for each selected donation size (e.g. “$25 will provide food and shelter to one refugee for a week.” Impact story must be 100 word or less).
        • A more general story for the open field that donors can fill with amounts outside those you’ve chosen. (We recommend checking GuideStar’s resources on tangible impacts if you need help coming up with them for your organization.)
        • A customized “Thank You” message from your organization to donors and a link to your organization’s site to include in the message. We will send this email to your donors but want it to be personalized experience for your organization and your donors. You’ll have the option to include your executive director’s signature to the “Thank You” as well.
        • We’ll send you back a link optimized for sharing on social media channels. You also can send the link to donors via fundraising emails, marketing content, or use it however your organization sees fit.
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