I received a check. How can I get details of the donation to acknowledge the donor?

The check you received is a lump sum, aggregate donation from all the users who requested we direct their donations to your organization through our services.

When a user makes a donation through our services, they are making a contribution to Give Lively Foundation Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (tax ID 81-0693451). Give Lively acknowledges the donation and sends users a receipt for tax purposes. We pass these funds on to the you within 30 days after the month in which the donations were made. This assumes you meet eligibility requirements outlined in our Terms of Use.

Many nonprofits want to acknowledge and engage the specific donors that comprise this lump sum. That's why we created a partnership program that allows us to share donor information with you, assuming the donor has opted-in to share that information.

We encourage you to sign the partnership agreement to become eligible to receive donor information. If we have donor information to share with you, we will share it at approximately the same time that we make payment to you. There are also other benefits to partnership, including direct deposit of funds and participation in programs we occasionally run, including matching gifts and contests.

We ❤️ nonprofits and encourage you to partner with us. More information on partnering can be found here: 


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